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    Brunswick’s automotive cooling experts

    When you need expert automotive cooling and heating services, you need to talk to the team at Pansino Radiators of Brunswick West. Our vehicle cooling and heating experts can provide a diverse range of products and services from expert radiator repairs and installations to air conditioning refrigerant re-filling and much more.
    pansino radiators radiator service

    Quality radiator services

    Here at Pansino Radiators, we can supply and install a wide range of new radiators and associated cooling products. In the highly unlikely event that your radiator is beyond repair or we don’t have an exchange radiator on the shelf, we will obtain one for you, and even organise delivery.

    Our radiator services include re-coring, cleaning and thorough inspection before any parts are replaced and expert repairs are carried out. Every repaired radiator is fully pressure tested to ensure that it will perform as intended even in the sometimes harsh Australian climate.

    pansino radiators radiator service

    We can work on:

    1. Condensers
    2. Compressors
    3. Intercoolers
    4. Thematic fans
    pansino radiators car air conditioning

    Air conditioning expertise

    It is widely accepted that keeping cool whilst driving is a crucial factor in road safety, especially during the hottest summer months. Comfortable and stress-free driving not only helps you to arrive at your destination feeling fresher, it also helps maintain driver concentration and road safety.

    The technicians here at Pansino Radiators are able to replace refrigerants, affect repairs, and replace any components as necessary. We also supply and expertly fit a range of aftermarket air conditioning systems for a wide range of vehicles.

    pansino radiators car radiators heating system

    Heating system repairs and installation

    An effective vehicle heating system is an essential for comfortable winter driving and it is also a necessary safety factor in keeping your windows clear as well.

    The skilled team here at Pansino Radiators can take care of every aspect of your vehicle’s heating system from the repair and replacement of the heater core to the installation of new heating systems.

    Talk to the heating and cooling experts at Pansino Radiators about your cooling and heating requirements. Whether you own a family sedan, a high performance thoroughbred, or an elegant classic, we can take care of them all.

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